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Phantom Optics

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HD Telescope Manufacturer

About Phantom Optics


Phantom as original brand of Guangzhou Long Xiang Optics Co.,Ltd,set by Mr. Yan Chang Hai with his over 20 years involvements in Optics and sights field, locates in Guangzhou China, with a long rich tradition of producing high quality precision optics in red dot sights and scopes.


Phantom Optics has its R&D department and engineers team. Its innovative technology allows it to design, engineer, develop and manufacture the most technologically advanced and high performance products.

Phantom owns over 600 square meter dust Free workshop for assemble, 1 finished goods house,1 material warehouse with over 80 staffs and workers in Long Xiang Building.


We will keep put more and still more on product development and quality control to offer our brand customer,distribulor and dealer for ideal product with competitive price.


Our optics have been tested in the lab and verified in combat. Phantom’s optics meet or exceed the physical endurance requirements of military forces throughout the world.


We use various types of surface treatments and CNC machining technology to guarantee the purity of optical components.

2moa primary arm weapon sight


Phantom Optics offer in new 2moa red dot in fire arm usage, with multi-coating optic lens, parallax parallax≤±2′ , Nitrogen fulfill for water proof, 800g shock proof keep precision shooting and zero target easily. Offer in full options in multi times for OEM client、brand dealer and distributors.

Fiber Power Inllumation Optics

The Phantom optics offers, fiber optic sight gathers light and makes the front sight easier to pick up. When we apply low-light/no-light techniques to the fiber optic, it actually works pretty well under most conditions. Even with night sights, gold beads or other front sight choices, you still have to have enough light to identify your target. If you have enough light to identify your target, the fiber optic will work pretty darn well. The key to success is proper installation and replacing the rod when needed.

The first focal plane FFP

Phantom Optics offer in a first focal plane (FFP) scopes, the reticle calibration of FFP remains constant regardless of magnification so one can use the reticle for range estimation or holding over at any power. The drawback some see here is that the reticle appears to get larger to the eye as magnification is increased, to the point where it can completely obscure your target.
If user need to help with range estimation and act as a spotter, brightly he will likely to choose a FFP rifle scope.