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About Phantom Optics


The Military Telescope manufacturer can offer high-quality products.


Phantom as original brand of Guangzhou Long Xiang Optics Co.,Ltd,set by Mr. Yan Chang Hai with his over 20 years involvements in Optics and Sights Field, locates in Guangzhou China, with a long rich tradition of producing high quality precise optics in sights and scopes.

High-quality precise optics in sights and scopes in manufactured in China. The company has several years of experience in the related field which has been the driving factor behind their success. They are one of the biggest Military Telescope Manufacturers. They have maintained the tradition to offer high-quality products to the customers at affordable rates.

The Hunting Red Dot Supplier can produce products in this category for the clients. The products are made with cutting edge technology. The products under this category are water-proof.


Make Your Own Optics

Phantom Optics has its R&D department and engineers team. Its innovative technology allows it to design, engineer, develop and manufacture the most technologically advanced and high performance products.With its outstanding and extensive expertise with design, development, manufacturing, adjusting and testing of high quality precise optics, to offer full options for OEM client and brand dealer and distributors.

Our Categories

Military Binoculars

Phantom Tactical optical equipment is in huge series, durable and premium, Phantom Tactical riflescopes include red dot sights laser magnifying scopes for both the AR-15 and AK-47, as well for shotting competition of riflescopes and long-range distances.

Phantom Optics

Phantom Optics offer in upgraded product lines in firearms purpose.phantom optics’ HD-25,26,27,30 red dot series and141 and 151Family are all competance in heavy duty and missional situations.


Phantom optics offer in variety product for hunters,abtaining wide view of scopes in 30,40,50 mm obj.diameter products, very durable structure withstanding from recoil of shot gun and gain precise shooting on target for USA and EU hunters.